Monday Mornings  Coffee with Kate 

Returning in September

Dear Friends:

Like many of you, the Corona-virus has constricted my plans. Usually this time of year, I am planning my speaking engagements for the fall and early winter.  But to be safe, I have had to cancel all of my talks fearing it would be too great a risk for both participants and myself (and of course, dear husband, 'St.' Paul).

But there is an old saying...

                  When God closes one door, He opens up another.

Well…one morning while praying (and yes…also complaining...poor God...) our Lord reminded me of a program I had developed some years ago for Facebook followers, entitled, 'Monday Mornings Coffee with Kate’. 

It was mainly comprised of a simple assortment of lessons that God had showed me during my 40 plus years along my spiritual path, i.e. forgiveness, joy, perseverance and funny stories of lessons I had learned as I traveled with the Lord. Surprisingly, it was very popular. Sadly, however,  I closed it when my other ministry commitments became more pressing.

So, since now, as I was made to cancel all of my speaking engagements, I have decided to resurrectMonday Mornings Coffee with Kate on Facebook. It is my goal to have it up and running by September.

This weekly video is my way of encouraging people not to give up when things look hopeless, but to keep their sights on the Lord and find comfort through His Word. There is yet much to do to ready our world for Christ's return.

Blessings to all,