Saving Christmas 

Grab a cup of hot chocolate, find an easy chair and allow

Award Winning Author, Katherine Valentine to take you on a journey

to a small country town that is about to learn the true meaning of Christmas.

​No one loves Christmas more than high school teacher, Bob Parson...


He loves the brightly colored decorations, the smell of his wife's gingerbread cookies wafting through the house and walking his corgi, Spareparts down Main Street that sparkles with holiday cheer.

But most of all, Bob loves the way Christmas spurs folks to share their blessings, something that he has discovered is sadly lacking among many of his students who consider the holiday just another way to get more 'stuff'. Since Bob is retiring this year, he is determined to share the hidden message within the brightly wrapped presents. But there is just one hitch.  The school board has banned all mention of Christmas. 

Not to be deterred, Bob  cleverly devices a civics' assignment that asks each student to find someone in need of help and fill that need.  What begins as a class project disguised as the true meaning of Christmas, quickly fans out into the town charging the lives of both young and old, including a former pastor wrongly accused of stealing church funds and whose silence has cost him both his church and his son.  

​​ "I love Katherine Valentine's stories of small towns and church steeples and hot apple pie!  Saving Christmas will take you home again, and you'll be rooting for

Bob Parsons and the students of Madison High to reboot the reason for the

season in their town...and in your heart!"

Brian Bird

Co-Creator and Executive Producer  

When Calls the Heart