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Katherine Valentine novels showcase ordinary people

discovering faith in the midst of seemingly  insurmountable

problems. Once begun, they are almost impossible to put down.

Katherine's personal story of a near death experience,  a miraculous healing, and the 35 year spiritual journey that followed. 


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AChildren's Christmas Story



The true meaning of Christmas told in a heartwarming story of giving away what is cherished the most for those we love. It's Christmas Eve on Mr. Stilton's Christmas Tree Farm and four misshapen Christmas Trees are all that's left--Tiny Tree, Blue Spruce, Southern Pine and Basil Balsam. As night slowly descends, it's hard not to grow discouraged since it looks like their dreams of wearing a Christmas Star will not come to pass. The Christmas Tree Who Wished for a Star will resonate with readers long after the last page. Destined to become a Christmas Classic and a family favorite.​​

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High School teacher, Bob Parson is retiring this year and  determined to share the hidden message of the true meaning of Christmas with his students. But there is just one hitch. The school board has banned all mention of Christmas. Not to be deterred, Bob cleverly devices a civics' assignment that asks each student to find someone in need and help fill that need.  What begins as class project disguised as the true meaning of Christmas, quickly fans out into the town, changing the lives of both young and old, including a former pastor wrongly accursed of stealing church funds and whose silence has cost him both his church and his son. 


​​The true story of a ministry that began when a cherished rosary was given to a homeless person, and the ministry that evolved, giving hope, healing and stories of miracles that followed. 

​​Emma Smith is married to the Vice President of a private bank. They have a high school senior son who is about to enter an Ivy  League college. They live in the most fashionable section of town and vacation to exotic places. To the outside world the Smith's have everything.   Then tragedy strikes.

Emma's husband disappears with a large sum of the bank's money and the family's savings accounts. Within weeks, Emma and her son are stripped of everything and forced to move into the city projects. With no marketable skills, Emma feels abandoned and without any hope for the future.

But God has other plans. 

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